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What Made Sunny Leone Slap a press reporter?

sunny leone slaps a reporter

Sunny Leone has often targeted for her porn star past apart from her choice of films, endorsements and events. People still talk about the potshots at her in the past and are seen equating her porn star movies with skiny business. This incident that was reported about slapping a reporter dealt with the same event. As per the sources, Sunny was seen at one of the event called Play Holi With Sunny Leone at one of the hotels based at Surat, Gujarat. The moment Sunny Leone reached at the corridor for the event, he asked Sunny Leone that she was a porn star earlier and now is a film star, hence what is the amount does she really charge now.

The actress was seen enraging at the reporter for the insolence of the reporter and then asked him in order to repeat the question and he was seen asking the same question about how much she really charge for the night program. She got red rage and gave him a full tight slap making everyone realize about the same and then returned to her room. However, keeping her professional commitment she was seen dancing to the popular B Town numbers for around 15 minutes. She then informed the organizer that she will not come if there is a media present in the venue.

At the event, even her husband – Danny Weber was also present and he told Mid Day that Sunny was right in slapping the reporter and that it was an apt reply to the reporter hence there is no police complaint for any damage. He further said that the organizers were college students and the two of them didn’t want to ruin their careers by filling a compliant. Hence she would not come again to Gujarat in the coming future.

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