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Mad About Dance Movie Review

Mad About Dance (MAD) movie 2014

Mad About Dance or MAD is all set to release tomorrow on 22nd August 2014. Being directed and acted by Saahil Prem along with other lead actor Amrit Maghera. Sahil is a new man in the industry having started his career in Bollywood with movie Ragini MMS 2 acting along with Sunny Leone. MAD is his debut direction, which is a dance and music based movie being shot in Sheffield having the angle of patriotism as well wherein the Asian boys are seen proving their worth in dance against the white people in the UK.  The movie comprises of everything, which revolves around the life of youth. Right from showcasing their dreams, fears, anxieties, hopes and disappointments they have for their future, it has loads of stuff to show. And above all, the struggle, heartbreaks, trials and tribulations along with triumphs, everything is being shown melodiously by the debut director.

Though it is not the sequel of ABCD (Any Body Can Dance), yet can be called as being inspired by the same to a great extent. We have young guns and novices like Saahil Prem understanding this niche based movie so well and presenting before the audience in the most appropriate way. He along with another newcomer called Amrit Maghera. Music and dance are two vital elements of the movie, which epitomizes the spirit of melody in an incredible way. Hence calling it an album sort of movie wont be wrong, but the performances by these novices in the industry has been fabulous. The music and songs being worked out by Sahil and team comprising of Vidyadhar Bhave, Dr.Zeus , Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur has been incredible, which has really sufficed the expectations of the audience.

The movie revolves around the youths of Asian (India) origin, who are being challenged by the white people to beat in dance. The central theme of the movie therefore is to prove their worth in dance and music and carve niche in this domain establishing parallel to the existing western musical and dance set up in the alien country. Besides, this zealous film is also clubbed with elements like high and low emotions with incredible drama. The movie is simply about pass via the tough ruts of life. The kind of energy you feel in the characters of the movie sounds incredible, which has the potentials to inspire the audience to stretch their backs to pursue their dreams.

The passion for dance and music showcased by MAD is very much stunning, which is perhaps never been seen before in Bollywood movies. You may find some glimpse for the same in ABCD but MAD has all together a different flamboyance in it, which is really hard to find in any other Bollywood movies made on similar subjects be in the past of a year before in ABCD. Amrit Maghera being the new face still has impressed with her acting and needless to say the kind of soothing voice she has really impressed the audience. Her voice for Ishq Da Bukhar has been melodious, which can make the difference. She is the same lady who has created loads of buzz with being the Face Of Lakme, while the hot guy- Sahil from Ragini MMS 2 has been really sensual in the movie.

Mad About Dance Review : Last Words

Mad About Dance is a niche based movie, which is very much different than the romance and love movie. Being produced and directed in a unique style, which keeps the spirit of dance and music at the top, may not impress every sect of the audience. Hence from the very first day the movie has declared its audience, which would be selective but would be very much seductive to watch and catch a movie embarking the first time in Bollywood. Sahil can be called as man of many parts, as apart from acting in the lead role to direction, he has also written the script for the same.  Whereas as far as the choreography is concerned, the duo Salah Benlemqawanssa and Supple Nam have been behind the simple and difficult dance sequences found in the movie. The dialogue comes from Kanu Behl, while the editing is carried out by Meghna Manchanda Sen.

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