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Mad About Dance (MAD)

Mad About Dance (MAD) movie 2014Mad About Dance cast and crew

Release Date: 22nd August, 2014
Cast: Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera
Writer/Director: Saahil Prem

Mad About Dance (MAD) stars Amrit Maghera, Saahil Prem, Salah Benlemqawanssa and others. This movie is produced by PRBA (Paanch Rupaiya Bara Aana) Productions Private Limited and directed by Saahil Prem. Also, the movie is written by Saahil Prem. It is slated for release on 22nd August, 2014. The filming locations are Sheffield, S. Yorkshire, England, The UK.

Mad About Dance (MAD) Plot :

Saahil Prem is the super hit actor of Ragini MMS2, while Amrit Maghera is the Lake face. The moving being shot entirely in the locales of the United Kingdom, is a dance film that features international dance forms. It is also the directorial debut of Saahil Prem. It is distributed through Waves Entertainment. Not many know of the fact that Shahrukh Khan is presently doing plenty of international dance extravaganzas for the movie, which is said to have prompted Saahil for screening the film’s trailer to his mentor first.

The superstar is also known to take out ample time from his very busy schedule for promoting this movie at the time of its release. It is without doubt that Saahil is feeling quite indebted to the type of support being received from Shah Rukh Khan and by offering the first view of the trailer can get his valuable feedback and inputs, before it reaches the theaters. It can be stated that Mad About Dance. is actually a unique and exciting dance extravaganza of international standards and this young throb has acted and directed it.

When shooting for the movie, Saahil had fallen unwell. Despite this, he had decided to move ahead with the shooting, to ensure that the schedule is on time and does not get delayed. Shooting has really taken some toll on the health of the actor and director. However, it is true that dance has always been Saahil’s passion and he expects this movie to be a hit and lapped up by the general audience.

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