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Machine movie review

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Star Cast – Mustafa Burmawala and Kiara Advani

Director – Abbas Mastan

Genre – Action, Romance

Rating – 1.0


Ransh (Mustafa) is a mysterious man with no family background. He falls for Sarah (Kiara Advani), love at first sight of sorts. Their love story brews further, thanks to their shared interest of racing and the same college they study in. The two get married at a mere age of 21. It becomes evident soon enough that Sarah, love or marriage is least of Ransh’s priorities. From there on the romantic setting takes a drastic turn and a revenge saga begins. Also, there is an unimaginably lame subplot about a friendzoned guy who turns out to be very crucial to the story later.


Kiara Advani looks pretty throughout the movie and the picturesque locations stole my heart. In its own ironical sense it was a breath of fresh air to see Johnny Lever again onscreen. Can’t remember the last time I saw him. Ronit Roy gives a good performance, even while playing a nonsensical character. Well, he has the experience of playing Mihir Virani for years. It certainly came in handy here. Now talking about the downside, everything except the points mentioned in ‘What’s hot’. Only after you watch Machine you will realise the beauty of the word “why?”. So many emotions in three letters.”Why” is the only word that could possibly contain whatever you see on screen?

As far as acting is concerned, there is a scene where the lead pair takes part in a play for their college. This is the only scene where they give out a perfect performance, but maybe because their amateur acting, like that of a college student, came in naturally. Why would Kiara and Mustafa not perform like acting is their profession?

Machine Last Word

Abbas is launching his son Mustafa with this one. Assumably, this should have been his best film ever with a crisp plot and melodious songs. But is that the case? Well, I was in for a surprise. Machine stars Kiara Advani as the female lead while Johnny Lever, Ronit Roy and Eshan Shankar appear in key roles.

Rating – 1.0

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