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M.A.D – Mad About Dance Official Movie Trailer Is On The Floor

mad about dance

It’s time to become “M.A.D” – Mad About Dance with Prem and Amrit Maghera in the upcoming movie along with the directions of Saahil Prem which is set to release on 22nd August, A movie that can wake up all the Indians.

The entire movie revolves around the passion for Dance and the competitive spirit, that can make you really groove with the stunning dancing moves of Krumping, Popping n Locking, B-Boying and all, and with which you’ll surely say Yooo,,, Man why don’t I try these stunning steps!! However the thing that actually creates an un-explainable hatred after watching the trailer is the underestimating ways, actions and talks of foreigners to the Indians in the foreign countries, the trailer is an exact reflection of what our Indians actually face and struggle in order to execute any new things over there but who knows this hatred theme may hit an un-beatable records of box office.

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