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Lucknow Central 1st day box office collection

Lucknow Central Movie

This Friday seems to be a busy one considering the fact that we have two big banner movies releasing the same day. These certainly include the one from Farhan Akhtar called Lucknow Central.  The fact of the matter is the film is gaining a good buzz in the media with the good promotion coming its ways. The film has managed to garner a good buzz with its good and powerful trailer as well that has made the audience get a good view about it.  The film was seen opening up with the similar way unlike the way Simran has opened up in the media.

As per the current buzz, and the reports, the film seems to have gone on a better note, though a little less than the rival film yet managed to do well. The 1st day box office collection for Lucknow Central tolled to around 6.25 crores, which is a decent collection for sure. The fact of the matter is the experts feel that the collection will rise in the coming days and thus will give you one of the best bet for the audience.  Though it has received some amount of competition from the film, yet it has managed to survive well in the competition.

Farhan Akhtar is lucky to see a decent collection on the first day at least better than his previous movie called Rock On 2, which failed to the demonetization effects. The menace of demonetization was able to mar the business for the films and the filmmakers and since then it has sunk even the titanic forget about the films like the sequel. The experts feel that the film has a decent chance to soar in the coming first weekend, which will further give a good chance to win the race over the box office. Well, let’s see how things move in the coming first weekend till then enjoy the movie.

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