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Loveshhuda Movie Review

Amidst the busy Friday, you have a movie releasing called Loveshhuda, which is a romance flick. The film has Girish Kumar, Navneet Kaur Dhillon and Naveen Kasturia in the pivotal roles. The film has Tisca Chopra, Sachin Khedekar, Jack Loy, Farida Dadi and Cedric Tylleman in the lead roles. The direction of the film comes from Vaibhav Misra, while produced by Vijay Galani and Pratik Galani under the banner of Galani Entertainments Limited. The music comes from Mithoon and others, while story comes from Vaibhav Misra. Now, time to check a take a plunge in the film and understand what goes inside it as under:

Loveshhuda Story

This love story starts on the bed wherein a young guy Gaurav played by Girish Kumar finds a girl on his bed called Pooja played by NavneetKaurDhillon. He doesn’t recognize her as this happens to be a one night stand. However, soon you find loads of dancing, talking, drinking and partying they are seen getting connected with other having a friendship followed by love and romance. So, how this transition really works from bed to friendship and to love is interesting to catch amidst the overseas locations. They meet and get away in three different locations – Shimla, Mauritius and London.

Loveshhuda Review :

The script seems something different to cater with reversing the love stuff from bed to friendship and then love, however, it is pitted with lies, fantasies and fiction, which is surprisingly turning out to be true for the two individuals who barely know each other but tend to fall in love with other. The concept really can put into trouble how a one night stand compels a guy to find the same girl who is lost in a rush but soon is found by the guy to fall in love. The makers of the film who believe that the film will be able easily connect with today’s youth audience but with fantasies like these wherein coincidences are waiting to happen not just once but thrice seem very much indigestible.

Star Performances

Girish is back with this film after his debut film Ramaiya Vastavaiya made two years before. However, this time he is seen a bit better yet not that par as expected to fit into this character. Similar is the story of Navneet, while the lady in the lead role played by NavneetKaurDhillon too isn’t that great over the silver screen except flaunting her body right from the start to the end. Well the skin show in the film cannot be a replacement for dexterity and acting performance, which is expected from the lead actors in the film. However, the others in the supporting roles especially like Tisca Chopra who appeared better in her character of Girish’s elder sister but her screen space seem smaller.

Direction, Music and Technical Elements

One thing that you fall in love in this film is the excellent locations, which the director has smartly chosen to suit the genre of the film. Perhaps this is the only thing, which the director has tried hard to add in the film. The director has failed to extract the fire, which is required to make this film better from the lead roles, which include all the three in this film. The music is good with soothing songs from Atifand others. The screenplay and editing seemed okay though not that par as expected and lastly don’t talk about the other technical elements as these too remain below average.

Loveshudda Review Last Word

The film is expected to connect with the young audience, however, this is not the story for many reasons. These include average performance, not that great screenplay, lose content, too much of skin show and yes the fantasy that failed to convert into an effective kind of story for the audience. The only positive element about the film is the location and a good cinematography that can save the film to some extent. Overall the film is pitted with too many flaws, which compels to give it a low rating.

Ratings : 1.5

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