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Love Sonia Review : The film touches the grim reality of the society in a subtle manner

Love Sonia

Love Sonia Movie Review:

Movie – Love Sonia
Director – Tabrez Noorani
Producer – David Womark
Production Studio – Tamasha Talkies, Womark/Noorani Productions, Love Sonia Films, India Take One Productions, and Samraaj Talkies
Music– Niels Bye Nielsen and A. R. Rahman
Cinematography– Lukasz Bielan
Writer – Ted Caplan and Alkesh Vaja
Running time – 120 minutes
Rating – 2.5
The movie deals with the harrowing account of two sisters who have been robbed due to their innocence when is seen getting sold by her debt-ridden father, and the other follows after her who is seen in the hope of rescuing her but soon becomes trapped in the flesh trade herself. So, what really goes would be interesting to know and check in the nearby theatres.
The film is all about the horror story of sex trafficking, which is really tough to watch and difficult to handle. The film showcases the life of apathetic pimp who has simply come about the possession about the helpless of the teenage girl trades her for just one cigarette. This is something the grim situation that has been relentless. The film has rightly portrayed the victims of trafficking, that seemed mindful to makers’ pursuit of authenticity over the shock value. Tabrez Noorani, the director of the film has tried to tread the path of Madhur Bhandarkar films this time to make a film dealing with something real and subtle issues of the country, which never tend to die down.
Now, talking about the performances, the actress has performed excellent while playing the lady who is in search of her sibling Preeti (played by Riya Sisodiya), which simply exposes several unspeakable horrors. The girls in the film have been showcased in this film with a dark, and dingy duct seen over the wall in order to escape the hands of the law. Manoj Bajpayee in his cold hearted pimp Faisal has been colorful and he has played an apt role in it, while Richa Chadha has done a decent job while playing the tough and rough lad called Madam Madhuri who could be hiding a lot of the compassionate heart.
Similar is the story of the lady Freida Pinto who while playing the cynical sex worker called Rashmi has done a decent job. Adil Hussain while playing Sonia’s father was splendid and Anupam Kher the local moneylender too have done a decent job in the movie. The only one man who has brought heft to the movie is Rajkummar Rao who was seen as an earnest social worker. The other elements were okay which did not bring much of the difference in the film in terms of ratings.
Love Sonia – The Last Word 
The film touches some grime reality of the Indian society that has remained the same since ages and would remain the same in the coming times as well. The filmmaker has tried to showcase in the right way making it a niche film to catch by audience of such a taste.
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