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Love Ke Funday (2016) Review

Movies on New comers generally show some Freshness and New Introductions to Industry, But if its framed in a proper manner. Generally LOVE STORIES , Viewers love to see freshness weather it was Maine Pyar kiya or Love Story or Betaab or henceforth. Now lets see how LOVE ke Fundey fares up.

Well Love ke Funday can be just told in one Line that its Story of Four Couples who deal with some where complications in Relations. Basically all are confused so One calls other and then they meet and ended up with Having nooky.
Basically LOVE KE FUNDAY can be judged as you watching Six to seven Short films at a stretch , where each one has same story – Firstly Calling , Then Meeting or Dating and then nooky.
Characters are not well established , as all Girls look the sameand every single frame characters are coming can be judged as New Entry followed by Romantic songson Lavish Locations of KASHMIR which were totally waste  of Time.
Music of the film is again not coming on lips, and picturised on four couple on Romantic Note, Sad note which actually gives you sleeping dose while watching
Review : Can give just One Star to Film for just some good comedy , which actually gives some loop of relaxation from  Dizzyness
Rating :★Stars
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