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Love Games Movie Review

love-games-movie  review

Erotic Thriller With Simple Plots Dies Down Soon with lose performances

This Friday you have a solo release, which comes in the form of Love Games. The film is produced by Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt under the banner of Visesh Films, while directed by Vikram Bhatt. The urban erotic thriller has Patralekha, Gaurav Arora and Tara Alisha Berry in the lead roles of the film. The music comes from Sangeet Siddharth, while the photography is carried out in Manoj Soni. The posters and trailer released earlier has received an overwhelming response with the latter getting more than four millions over YouTube in mere four days. The erotic drama is likely to have a decent start considering its solo release. Time to dig in deep into this film and get the crux of the same as under:


The story revolves around a con couple who is active in attending page 3 parties in a hunt of a appy couple and try to break their happy relationship. The two find out couple to get intimate with them, which they call as love games wherein you can find them insisting each other to be the first one to have sex with the discovered couple. While doing this, the guy falls in love with a girl and falls in love with her breaking off with the previous one who is not willing to leave him. So, what happens next will be interesting to explore.


Yet another typical film by the Bhatts who tried to tread erotic this time to a great extent as compared to the previous ones. Though the film seems to have a different story yet it can be found out in any novel or TV series, which they seems to have used by adding  a number of twists and turns in it along with adding loads of erotic sequences to attract the audience. However, they seemed to have failed to give a classic movie, which is competitive enough in terms of content. Most of the time, you can find crawling losing the intrigue element in it to glue the audience for long. A con couple willing to do something different on the Page 3 Parties ends up creating the mess and soon become the victim doesn’t seem to be a digestible story.   Amidst the film loads of cuss words being used especially during the erotic sequences played by the character of Patralekha.

Star Performances

Talking about the characters and their performances, Patralekha seems to have turned the table with the daring role in the film. After giving her best performance in her previously acclaimed film CityLights playing a character of a young mother has simply stunned everyone with her racy avatar in the said film. Thought amidst trying a number of lip locking scenes and multiple love making scenes, she somewhere down the line seems mechanical in them. Yet in perspective of doing these erotic scenes the first time is worth appreciating.

Perhaps with more such movies coming her way, she can have expertise of doing such scenes unlike Emraan Hashmi. You never know she can be called as the Female Emraan Hashmi. Talking about the lead actor played by Gaurav Arora, who is debuting his career in B Town with this film who seems to have done an okay job not that impressive as expected since his name was finalized after a long hunt for the lead actor in the film by the Bhatts. The actress cum model Tara Alisha Berry too has failed to impress the audience.

Direction, Music, Editing and Technical stuff

Vikram Bhatt has managed to give something different this time, though there are flaws in his venture in terms of performances, story and screenplay. The music seems to be okay and the songs of the film has been gaining momentum over the chartbuster. Similar is the story with editing and other technical stuff, which are okay to an extent making the entertainment value of the film to soar. Now, talking about the locations, most of the scenes have been shot in Cape Town, which itself speaks glory and exotic values.

Love Game – Last Word

Love Game is an Erotic thriller film, which showcases the lead lady in bold avatar. Those who have seen him in the role of a young mother in CityLights two years ago would be more able to make the difference between the two and would rather applaud a lot. The story is okay but has few flaws in and similar is the story with other elements of the film. This has therefore breakdown the ratings from high to low giving not much a decent rating to Love Game.

Rating – 2.5

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