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Love Games First Week Box office : An Immense Start but Failed to Reach Peak

Love Games – A movie with which we are indeed familiar like a friend, of course who can even forget those promos, tracks and trailer that not only made each one of us strike our emotions but also had actually made the senses distracted towards those scenes which were sparking all over the globe and strange in the overseas as well. Purely towards the directions and essence of efforts added by director Vikram Bhatt for an Indian urban-thriller film, featuring Tara Alisha, Patralekha and Gaurav Arora specifically as the leading stars in the movie. Released in the initial week of April i.e. on 8th April 2016 the has actually started grabbing some toughest collection but by lacking somewhere in the mid of the journey, let’s have a quick overview of the same right here..

With a magnifying trailer and promos the half part of the movie was already done so as to get exposed in front of the audience, however the other part which was totally dependent on the collection started with a good response initially and thus which reflected as 1.03Crores on its initial day but it’s painful to depict that the response could not walk a bit to remain steady, so guess what in the end of the week the movie was hardly able to grab handful of response by collecting 3.06Crores globally.

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