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Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din – Movie Review


Naive efforts to make a Comedy, which ended up becoming something really different

In a busy Friday today, we have a couple of films releasing, which certainly include the film Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din. It is a comedy drama movie, which is based over friendship. The film is directed and written by Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary whereas the film is produced by Baldev Singh Bedi under the banner of Shri RajLaxmi Entertainment. The film has Ajaz Kha, Sahil Anand, Shalu Singh and Harsh Nagar in the lead roles. The movie was scheduled to release last month but due to some technical reasons was postponed. Now, let us find out the crux of the film while getting the insight about the same as under:


We know how life goes without friends however, when you get the friends who are devil in their ideas and notions your life certainly become nothing less than a hell. Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din simply deals with the journey of three good friends who have been known to be together since their childhood. The three friends – Monty played by Ajaz Khan, Sandy (Sahil Anand) and Harry played by Harsh Nagar the former and latter are often seen falling into trouble due to the antics of Monty. Both Sandy and Harry’s families do not really approve about their friendship with Monty and separate the three friends. But soon we had seen Monty returning to the lives of these friends after five long years with the plan, which would make them really rich. The plan of Monty simply backfires and his friends are back into trouble. How Sandy and Harry will get back their lifelong friendship.


The character of Ajaz Khan is supposed to be a sweet rogue however with the overdoing of things in acting this work seems to be not less than a substance of annoyance without being endearing. Though the makers claimed the film to be a comedy but looking at it only reveals it to be lowbrow and more often seen low all the time. Usually the dialogues of Ajaz Khan are all set there but you have heard them all by now hence there is no point to it. Sahil Anand the Roadies fame actor is much better in the role of a narrator while Harsh Nagar with a baby face can get you few chuckles. On the other hand you can find Shaloo Singh smiled a lot than expected maligning her performance while her role in simply limited to being proverbial pretty face. The climax of the movie is simply low despite the too many twists added in it but these have in many ways ruined things bad.

Now talking about direction, the film isn’t that par as expected. There is lot of things to be added in a comedy in order to become a hit film, but the makers really didn’t pay a single heed to make things moving in a right direction. Talking about the music, it is more of the peppy one having bearable visuals along with hackneyed storyline. Talking about the technical elements like editing and other things, these are not that par as required similar is the story with screenplay and other things that make things bad to worse. The overall picture of the film doesn’t really seem to be rosy as one can expect from a film of novices. All these things have really hampered the quality of the film and thus hampered the rating of the film in one way or the other.

Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din – The Last Word

The film is all about irregular comedy with the hackneyed story line, which can be called as a two hour plus film having juvenile efforts to make a comedy movie. In a sense it has hampered the rating in a big way thus giving the makers of the film nothing really impressive. It is a comedy film with things going overboard making the entertainment value from bad to worse.

Rating – 2.0


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