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Lose Weight to reduce asthma severity in obese adults: Study

With weight loss, you can improve upon the asthma severity claims the recent study carried out by a handful of researchers in Canada. The team of researchers has also one Indian origin doctor who discovered that with weight loss, you can end up reducing the asthma severity, which is often measured by AHR (airway hyper responsiveness) in obese people.

Though the earlier studies have experimented over the relationship in between the asthma severity and obesity, which is counted among the unique store for having its strict adherence for a precise diagnostic yardstick and study result, which give in the best result in order to support weight loss as a strategy in order to normalize or reverse the asthma found in this group of people who are seen hitting very hard by the condition as claimed by the Smita Pakhale from Ottawa University based in Canada.

The incidence of asthma is around 1.47 times higher in any obese people as compared to the non obese people and a three unit increase in the BMI (body mass index), which is associated with 35 percent increment in the risk of asthma as noted in the study. In the study the researchers were able to follow 22 obese participants with asthma aged 18 to 75 years with greater 32.5 kg/m2. This study is seen further giving support to the need to manage a number of comorbidities, which will help in improving the lives of patients.

This study was found over the popular journal called chest.

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