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Logan Movie Review : This one’s a gripping finale to Wolverine’s indomitable journey

Logan Movie Review

Logan Movie Review :

Logan happens to be the 10th film in the X-Men series — making it the seventh-highest-grossing film franchise of all time. Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in nine of those films, including Logan. Neither of that is a reason to skip this one. On the contrary, there are lessons here in how to wrap up a film journey, as Jackman has announced Logan is — the end of his time in the X-men universe.

Logan’s cinematic journey began 17 years ago in a forest. He was making money fighting in cages. A young girl saved him then, she showed him what it was like to have a family, what it felt like to be good. In Logan, it takes another girl to show him who he really is, to remind him that his life was worth something.

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What makes the movie different from other superhero flicks is the way director James Mangold has dealt with the subject — without hesitating to show his ageing superheroes go into battle while they fight their own inner demons. Also, the highlight of the film is Jackman’s compelling performance. He knows it is his swan song and he exits with a flourish — an unforgettable end to a remarkable odyssey.

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The legacy of both the Wolverine character and Jackman’s nearly two decades in the role, the movie’s end is simple rather than superfluous. The last moments of the film are neither grand nor spectacular—a simple fade to black with soft Johnny Cash music.
No flashy credits, no post-credit scene or teaser to the next film. Rather, a simple and solemn sendoff to one of the most popular and recognizable superheroes in all of cinema and the man who played him all these years.

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With top-notch performances, including an effective slimy-villain act by Boyd Holbrook (from the Netflix series Narcos), a great screenplay and direction that (thanks to an R-rating) does not shy away from cinematic extremes, Logan is one hell of a watch! A perfect tribute to one of pop culture’s most memorable characters and the one man who made him iconic for 17 years.

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“Logan” has stakes that feel real, and fight choreography that’s fluid and gorgeous instead of just computer-generated effects. Most importantly, “Logan” has characters with which you identify and about whom you care. It’s not just “great for a superhero movie,” it’s a great movie for any genre.

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Ironic given that movies are no more real than comics – prove to be prophetic, in ways that shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been following Jackman and Stewart’s public declarations about their future participation in the X-Men saga. The climax of this long, grisly and surprisingly satisfying tale – part road movie and part story of bonding – places a mournful punctuation mark on the mythological tale that fans have been following for so long, while leaving open the possibility of a continuation.

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Hugh Jackman is at his best in his last Wolverine journey. He is vulnerable yet stubborn. Emotional yet detached. Suicidal yet on a mission to save the future. Jackman owns the film with his intense acting marvel at playing the character he has become synonymous to in the past 17 years. Patrick Stewart is again brilliant as a senile Charles Xavier responsible for killing his own family and on the verge of decay because of his own powers.

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