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Lock Upp: Saisha Shinde REVEALS a shocking secret of having a sexual affair with a reputed fashion designer

Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp is gaining a lot of attention with its gripping content. Well, the show is coming to an end and during the final judgement night, the queen asks the nominated contestants Payal Rohatgi and Saisha Shinde to share their secrets. During this, Saisha Shinde revealed a shocking secret of herself.

Saisha revealed that back in 2004- 2005, during the beginning days of her career, she had a sexual relationship with a well-known fashion designer. Saisha said that it all started when she was requested by him to a hotel to have a chat and he described a very sad/lonely story about himself and the two ended up having sex. Later, Saisha got to know about the designer’s true colors as he had used atleast 7-8 boys with this same trap. Further, when the rumours started flooding, she ended up facing the brunt of it and was banned in the fashion industry.

Well, a few days back Payal Rohatgi had admitted that she is infertile in a recent revelation. Poonam Pandey had stated that if she receives the most votes, she will go n*de on national television. For the uninitiated, The final race is at its peak, and Shivam Sharma was the first to qualify as a finalist. Munawar Faruqui joined the clan shortly after, and the rest of the show is now a competition.

Poonam Pandey turned to the camera and said, “Agar aap merko bhar bhar ke votes dete hain, is baar t-shirt utarungi, shayad bra bhi nahi rahegi (If you people vote for me excessively, I will remove my t-shirt and this time, maybe I won’t even wear a bra)”

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