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Lina Bathia gets candid about the challenges she faced in her digital creation journey

Lina Bathia
Lina Bathia

No matter how doable and thrilling the new path may seem, there are always teething problems. After all, a rose comes with thorns, doesn’t it? Similarly, there are a plethora of talented individuals like Lina Bathia who are now residing in the realm of fame and success but were brought down by numerous barriers multiple times. It wasn’t easy for them to reach this stature, and now, the influencer talks about the same.

As we are all aware, Lina Bathia is a nutritionist who started her digital creation journey three years ago and today has more than 160k followers. Speaking about the hurdles, she said, “Nothing comes easy, and there are good and bad days. There were multiple challenges that I had to encounter in order to move ahead. The social media world is very dynamic, and you need to keep up with the trends. There’s no place for outmoded things here! However, since the new trends keep dropping very often, it is particularly tough to stay posted with them.”

Digital creators and influencers are very certain about their numbers of followers. They need to reach the maximum number of followers to remain relevant. In fact, these numbers build their confidence for long-term growth. But only if it was that easy!

Addressing this, Lina Bathia says, “Gaining followers is tough, but maintaining them is toughest. The audience is fickle-minded, and it’s exigent to hold their attention. Thus, we keep interacting with them and creating content that they find useful or relatable.” Lina’s content has gained her fans from across the globe. From fashion to travel and fitness, her Instagram feed reflects her great lifestyle via those pictures.

The influencer also expressed how she was plugged into creating creative and unique content. Here’s what she said, “A human cannot be imaginative all the time. Also, forced creativity doesn’t allure but rather repels. Thus, it wasn’t easy for me to find new post ideas. However, taking frequent breaks, meditating, and making observations has helped set up high fences so novelty shouldn’t take a toll on me.”

Lina Bathia has also worked with many brands like Grand Hyatt, Studio6 Jewels, Richaa Goenka, Ritu Kumar, and more. She is not only a content creator but also a mother and a wife. Yet she manages so effortlessly between her professional and personal lives. We hope that her words might inspire some of you!

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