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The Life after Hrithik and Suzzaine’s split

It was days when Hrithik and Sussanne had one of their best married life. Everything seemed going perfect, right from their marriage to kids, to good time together, things really moved on smoothly, however, soon the bubble was seen getting burst and people saw the whiff claiming that nothing really went smooth between the two. They couple saw the split after 13 long years of their marriage and soon everyone was seen mourning for seeing the superstar’s life getting distressed as the two decided to part away. Post the split, the two were seen moving ahead, with Hrithik being tied up in various movies and endorsements, while Suzzaine too got indulged in her work forgetting the aftermath of marriage. In other words, both got busy moving ahead in their lives, let’s check how?

Work comes first

Most of the time Hrithik was seen being busy shooting for his movies and ads, on the contrary Suzzaine was tied up with her dream interior designing project called The Charcol Project in Bombay. The moment the couple split, Suzzaine was seen at one of the launch programs of her best friend Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor called Bandra 190 in Bombay. In fact, this project was in collaboration with Suzzaine as well, on its launch the media, however, was interested in asking about her separation rather than her project launch. But Suzzaine was really not keen to reply such questions and thus restricted her talks only her professional life and the current project launched in the city.

Party time

Earlier both Hrithik and Suzzaine were busy in having more work than parties made the two dull guys. However, now both of them are seen moving ahead enjoying their life, when we saw Hrithik having party with his friends in London, Suzzaine too had good time with her friends and family as well. The post split saw the two especially Suzzaine having good time with her friends. For instance, Suzzaine was seen with Gauri Khan in Dubai for some project later the two were seen partying hard with her friends like Rekha Tourani, etc. Also, she was seen having good time with her best friend Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr.

Embarking with new projects

Though the two were tied up with older projects, however, the duo didn’t left any stone unturned to come up with something new. For Suzzaine, its time to carve her niche to become one of the successful business entrepreneur of the town, while Hrithik is seen signing up newer contracts with his brand endorsements and movies. Suzzaine is doing a couple of new projects including star villa project based in Goa, she has her deal with Gauri Khan known as Naira. In other words, she is busier than the superstar embarking with fresh and new deals and collaborations.

Giving time to kids

For Suzzaine, kids comes the first and so is the case of Hrithik. The two despite their differences and split were seen coming together for their two sons called as Hrehaan and Hridaan. The parent was seen attending the annual day function at their school, though the two came in different cars, however, were seen coming together at the function sitting beside to each other. It is really good to see the couple have separated, but they seem to come together whenever their kids demands, which makes them different from the other parting celebrity couples.

Not talking about each other

One of the most favorite things to talk to the couple for media is their interest in their private lives. However, the moment you are seen posing the question about two, you would see them saying straight not to touch their private lives. Suzzaine now wants to be known for things she does and not as a wife of a superstar or an ex partner of Hrithik Roshan. Hence she is now busy being carving her niche in her career. Suzzaine simply loves to talk about her kids especially after her split with the superstar, while Hrithik too has no time for these things. The rumor mongers went to an extent to involve the name of her best friend Arjum Rampal was dragged in Hrithik and Suzzaine relationship, though this cheap stunt didn’t work in this case as the couple are mature enough to separate from each other amicably.

Wrapping up

Though the couple was seen dragging in the media for certain rumors and other weird things but the maturity they have shown in splitting has been really appreciable. The couple though has separated from each other but the kind of decorum they have maintained despite being two separate identities is really laudable. Now, with no names attached to their personal identities, the couple has seen moving ahead in their lives.


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