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Leslee Lewis: won’t turn song into jingle just for attention

Leslee Lewis

Leslee Lewis says – “I think these days, music labels are not able to understand the kind of music I am creating. It used to happen earlier when I was creating indie-pop. I have been associated with music labels like HMV, Sony BMG and others for my indie-pop in the past. But that time, we made music that had melody and archival value. See, there is a difference between a jingle and a song. You cannot make a jingle into a song.”

Leslee Lewis continues – “A jingle just needs a hook line so that you recall the product through it, like Mango Fruity, fresh and juicy, ‘Doodh doodh doodh doodh peeyo glassful, Santoor Santoor… and many more that I have been making for the last 30 years. Likewise, I cannot and will not make a song into a jingle just to get a two-minutes hit, for people to forget it later. A song has to have archival value, which was there in Paari Hoon Main, Sa Ni Dha Pa, Krishna to name a few.”

Leslee Lewis says – “In the past too, music labels used to brief us on making good songs that are worth marketing and investing money in to distribute them worldwide. Of course, that is their job and they should tell us that.”

Leslee Lewis continues – “But after the briefing, a composer was left alone to make the music; I was never told how to make a song and how to experiment with the sound to create what I did in ‘Colonial Cousins’. These days the music labels want us to make ‘jo chal raha hai market mein’. That cannot be the drive for an artiste; I want to make music that will resonate with my listeners.”

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