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Legalisation of Marijuana can put children at risk: Study

The increasing rate of marijuana exposure among kids of aged 5 years and below has gone up from 147. 5 % in 2006 to 610 % in 2013 when the medical use of marijuana was allowed in the US. This was proved in one of the studies, which revolved around the legalisation of marijuana for the health and medical purposes. This study also indicates kids have been attracted towards the use of these elements in the US, which can prove a big risk to them at the later stage. This study was published in the popular journal of Clinical Paediatrics.

As per Gary Smith, the director of Center for Injury Research and Policy based at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio said that any state allowing the use of Marijuana for medical use is supposed to add up the child protection in its laws from the very start. In the states, which has legalized the use of Marijuana during the 2000 to 2013 has seen dreaded results in the respective US states. In majority of cases, the exposure has led to minor clinical effects, however, some kids were also seen experiencing the coma, seizures and breathing issues with it.

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