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Legal Battle Unfolds as ‘Animal’ Co-Producer Seeks Court Intervention to Halt OTT Release

Cine 1 Studios Pvt Ltd claims that there has been a breach of agreement and alleges that it has not received any payment for its involvement in the film. On the other hand, the defendant and fellow co-producer, Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd, argues that a payment of ₹2.6 crore was made to Cine 1 Studios, which the plaintiff did not disclose to the court.

Justice Sanjeev Narula reviewed the document presented by the defendant regarding the payment of ₹2.6 crore to the plaintiff. When asked about this payment, the counsel for Cine 1 Studios stated that he was unaware of it since the document had not been brought to his attention. The lawyer assured the court that he would consult with his client and provide the necessary information.

During the proceedings, it was confirmed that the plaintiff’s counsel would ensure the presence of the authorized signatory of Cine 1 Studios, Murad Khetani, on January 18, the date of the next hearing.

Senior advocate Sandeep Sethi, representing Cine 1 Studios, expressed that his client had not received any information about the film’s revenue, box office collections, music rights, satellite rights, or internet rights. Sethi claimed that Super Cassettes had been collecting all the money but had not paid any amount to Cine 1 Studios. He emphasized the importance of their long-standing relationship and the respect for contractual agreements, which led them to refrain from rushing to court earlier.

According to the plaintiff’s claims, both production houses had entered into an agreement to produce the film, entitling Cine 1 Studios to a 35% profit share and 35% intellectual property rights in the movie. However, Cine 1 Studios alleges that Super Cassettes incurred expenses for the film’s production, promotion, and release without obtaining their approval. Additionally, Super Cassettes allegedly did not share the details of the film’s revenues from box office sales and failed to honor the profit-share agreement.

Senior advocate Amit Sibal, representing Super Cassettes, countered these claims by stating that the plaintiff had not invested any money in the film, and all expenses were covered by his client. Sibal further informed the court of a document signed between the parties, which revealed that Cine 1 Studios had relinquished all its intellectual property rights in the film on August 2, 2022. He pointed out that this critical information had been concealed from the court and argued that the plaintiff had given up their rights in exchange for a consideration of ₹2.6 crore, for which an invoice had been raised.

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