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Left Butter Chicken and Pizza to Be Hot Serpent: Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin
Actress Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin is scheduled to appear in Naagin 4 and as soon as she got the show she reached the seventh sky. Her character name in this show will be Nayantara. Let’s know what Jasmine says about this show:

“I became a part of Naagin 4 because it is the number one show. All its seasons have been super hit and people eagerly wait for the show. So, I thought this was a big opportunity and so I immediately agreed to do this show. As soon as I heard the story and the meeting was over, I had reached the decision that I have to do this show.”

Just a pressure

Here is only one pressure. I have to give a great performance because all the seasons have been superhit. This season will also be a super hit so the only pressure for me is to give the best performance in this show.

Preparing for the show

My most special preparation is that I can be seen in shape. The previous heroines of the season have set very high levels. I love eating, but right now I am eating healthy food. I am doing workouts to look my best. I am forgetting the things learned in the previous show because this show is completely different.

Left butter chicken and pizza

When I was offered the serpent, the first thing came to my mind – Oh my God. Then it came to mind that I will have to lose weight so that I can feel hot serpent. I told myself that Jasmine, you have to stop eating butter chicken and pizza.

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