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LEAKED: Conversations of Bollywood stars with a mystery woman – Pooja

Who is Pooja? Personal talks from Bollywood celebrities are doing rounds on the internet. Listen to them right here.

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The last thing actors want is to mix up their private and personal lives. But much to their dismay, some of their intimate conversations with stars like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut are making the news and we can’t keep calm. Netizens are going bonkers at the recently leaked phone conversations with a female called Pooja.

Who is this mysterious woman Pooja? Is she leaking this information online? Why is she bringing such private talks to limelight?

Celebrities are apparently turning to her as their confidante. They sound like they admire her a lot. Why are they falling in love with her and why is everyone turning to her is something we can’t fathom! But they are worth listening to!

We couldn’t confirm which celebrities are talking to Pooja but you can hear them yourself:

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