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Leading a startup? Aced entrepreneur Sahil Suri shares dos and don’ts

In this breaking-conventional-norms era, a plenitude of brainboxes is leaping to follow their own path. Consequences? We are witnessing multiple startups. But are they all enduring the market? No! It’s not that merciful! However, Sahil Suri, a progressing entrepreneur, has shared some dos and don’ts of a startup that might provide you with a little help.

Beginning with the dos, Sahil Suri said, “Be specific with your startup idea and have rigid company principles. A small team with immense hard work will not only prevail in adverse market conditions but also achieve goals flexibly. Therefore, select personnel who show enthusiasm, commitment, skills, passion, and dedication.”

There’s a whole list of what should and shouldn’t be done while starting a business. Sahil Suri shared the most important ones. Adding further to the dos, he said, “The most precious thing in a startup is to gain your employee’s support. For that, you should concentrate on building an open environment and getting the maximum out of every individual.”

Taking it to the don’ts, Sahil asserted, “You should focus on your idea and blueprint; avoid imitating the steps and strategies of large companies. Don’t set unrealistic goals. You have just started a company. Give it time to grow and solidify its position in the market. Thus, setting simple, measurable goals is more mindful than setting numerous, unclear ones.

“Moreover, instead of expending time, resources, and energy on grand strategies, save it for real opportunities,” he further added. We guess you might have jotted down his words. Sahil Suri is a terrific businessman. And he is sharing all these facts solely based on self-learning. How? Well, Sahil Suri, too, owns an IT company, a luxury cafe called Marshmallow, a film production house in partnership, and has also bought a few stakes in Dejavu Entertainment and Events. Needless to say, Sahil Suri’s words have always been an inspiration.

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