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Latino Web Series Embarking Flooding Daring and SuperNatural Content on the Internet


Latino stories have gone pretty high in talks due to the daring side it has revealed in the web series world. No more judging on the shows, but Latino web series has simply embarked the internet with some of the really daring stories  and supernatural tales that you can find online. With no shortage of great content available for free, here are the 5 must binge watch web shows to watch if you are in a mood for a daring supernatural burjería.


Brujos, created by Ricardo Gamboa, is a supernatural web-series that goes as a radically infused with a lived-in knowledge of brujería and Santería, the Zodiac sign-structured show about witches being hunted by privileged.

Chinga la Migra

Conceived of by Mijente Director Marisa Franco, produced by Mijente staff, Chinga la Migra takes a ride through the various towns with ICE deportation centers showing the  growing protests associated with the mass deportations led by the Trump administration. The series blends an eye-catching graphics with hard-hitting journalism, hosted by Alejandra “Ale” Pablos.

Gol Peleado

This fútbol-themed web series Gol Peleado was directed by Carlos Toledo and was presented on Honduras’ ambitious new web content platform, 2que3. Gol Peleado shows the misadventures of a middle-class couch potato named Gabriel and his story of meeting his dream girl and the associated inventive story about leading the neighborhood’s star soccer team in a clumsy attempt to impress his girl.

El Joe T. Hodo Show

For years Gregory “Gringoyo” Berger has been showering  amusing content on humorous and provocative takes on Mexico-US relations using the characteristic biting satire, and this time he is back with a new comedic alter-ego, Joe T. Hodo (pronounce it in Spanish with a hard “H” if you want to get the joke.) He has taken the unapologetically laissez-faire Texas oil baron persona via the Mexico’s social landscape that spotlights on everything from indigenous community policing to iconic Rock en Español pioneers in this most hilarious mashup of satirical performance art and radical journalism.


This series is the brainchild of Jacqueline Priego who goes into a playful rif about this title. The story of Pinkslipped follows three friends, Jacqueline, Elena and Rosie (played by Priego, Samantha Ramirez-Herrera and Ana Ayora) who are willing to leave their dead-end jobs and start a venture of their own.  Priego’s works aimed at representing Latina entrepreneurs as the newfound class of women who are sick and tired of the discrimination and micro-aggression they have to deal with on a daily basis. Revolving around the surreal fantasies, sobbing brawls with ex-boyfriend scenes, the series showcases the requisite satirical take on white woke women and is an amazing feminist Latina workplace comedy.

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