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Lateef Review : Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s incredible performance failed to rescue the film

Lateef movie review

One of the movies releasing this Friday is Lateef, which is a thriller flick, directed by Israr Ahmed, while it is produced under the banner of MJ Productions by Mrs. Amina Ahmed. The script of the film comes from Badshah Khan along with S Sachindra and Wajid Sheikh. The film has Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mukesh Tiwari and Kader Khan in the lead roles along with actors like Partima Kazmi, Akhilend, Murli Sharma in supporting roles, while the music comes from Yaasin Darbar, while the film is edited by Israr Ahmed, which has A certificate from the censor board. Now let’s find out the crux of the film taking a deep dip in it.

Let’s start with the plot of the film. The movie is a crime based thriller, which unveils the saga of a middle class youngster (as played by the talented actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui). He plays the character of Lateef in this movie, who aspires to become a doctor. Amidst his normal life, he soon gets caught by the police on drug dealing raid, which simply changes his life thereafter. Latif is seen getting caught in a raid who is simply present at the spot without knowing the fact about the place. He is then sent out to jail and returns after seven years of imprisonment. However, when he returns, his life is upside down, he has nothing really to do. On the other hand, you have an honest cop called ACP Sawant played by Mukesh Tiwari who is just interested to make the society free from drugs, who however, faces the hurdles from corrupt minister like Akhilesh Mishra and drug mafia Zafar Dongri. Later, Lateef out of frustration opts for drugs, while what happens at the end is interesting to catch.

Lateef Review : The Performances

Let’s start with the script. The film has nothing new to show except the same old story that has been covered a number of times in the earlier movies. It lacks uniqueness and novel element in it, which oozes out the content from the film leaving behind nothing but a good performance from Nawazuddin Siddiqui.Now, talking about performances, the real show stealer is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who while playing the character of an innocent man caught in the police tangle for the case of drug dealing, which he has never committed. His performance in this character has simply overshadowed the others found in different characters.

The others like Mukesh Tiwari playing an honest cop called ACP Sawant too is fabulous in his work, however, Murli Sharma while playing the drug mafia seems better than the cop, you would simply enjoy his diction and dialogue of a typical bhai in it. Others including Kadar Khan, Partima Kazmi and Akhilend were seen lagging behind when you compare with Nawaz. The other elements like music, screenplay, editing and dialogues remained okay, unlike any other crime thriller movie. Despite the good performance, the film with dull story would certainly fail to impress the audience.

Lateef Review – The Final Word

Lateef essentially is a crime thriller, which revolves around the life of an innocent man caught under the wrong case. He passes through bad phase both inside the seven year imprisonment and also when he is free at his place losing his mother. The story has nothing new and fresh ideas, which can attract audience far and wide. In a sense, the movie revolves around a victim of drug addiction and peddling, which makes is not a new concept to make films. Hence, the typical elements like love, romance, action, comedy, rich music, cool songs, are absent here. However, if you are among the fans of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, you will not mind catching up the film. But don’t go with over expectations, as you can only find some cool performances and nothing new to enjoy.

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