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Lata Mangeshkar makes a comeback after 3 years

lata mangeshkar

The nightingale of Indian Cinema – Lata Mangeshkar is known for her choosy work, hence was seen low profile since past three years. However, after remaining silent for all most three years, she is now back with giving her voice to a Indian Norwegian collaboration film known as Dunno Y2 Life Is A Moment, which will be made in three different languages Hindi, English and Norwegian. The song will be the theme one, which will be filmed over the known actress Zeenat Amaan, Yuvraak Parashar, Kapil Sharma and Sadia Khan who is an actress from Pakistan along with several European actors.

The music for the film is given by Nikhil Kamath, while the movie is screened all over the world covering a number of festivals right from the ones celebrated in Europe, Australia, and even countries like Israel and similar other places. In fact, our industry Bollywood is famous all over the worlds, the Khans have good recognition, while even actors like Raj Kapoor and Lata Mangeshkar has been known in Russia and close by nations.

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