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Lastbenchers speak the heart of Gen X

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Lastbenchers – the upcoming movie from Prajakt Rebeloma is all about college students and the life surrounding to them. Here you get to see four college students who literally are failures in their lives but stand up against all odd to do prove their worth. The crux of the movie is that you cannot judge any individual based on an A4 size college degree but from the talents, skills and ideas, which anyone learns from the life. In fact, this sentence happens to be the cash line of Lastbenchers, which you can find over its posters and even when you would catch up the movie on its release on 29th August.

Lastbenchers epitomizes energy, inspiration and fruitful message for the youngsters that come what may be in your way, you being a youth have the potentials to overcome and prosper in the society. The movie speaks the heart of youth and the life, which they are known to live with.  It talks about their carefree lifestyle, which makes them waste their precious time in unwanted love stories and weird ideas and habits that keep them at bay. So finally, when they turn out to be backbencher, they have nothing left behind for their sustenance. They are then get dejected by the rejection they face from the society and some even take away their lives leaving the mortal world.

However, amidst such people there are few who rise up against all odd and prove their worth doing something big. But these people are less and are in minority who dare to take the steering seat despite so many hiccups and hurdles. Lastbenchers is the movie of such men who face life with challenge and stand up despite being called as failures and backbenchers in their life. In a sense, the movie speaks the heart of today’s younger generation.

At one end, it shows how today youth is is pitted with a carefree life, but at the other end it also put across the message that they have the power, potential and zeal to make their dreams come true. Movies with such message and inspiration are rare in commercial movie making business. Amidst the rush to make a Masala movie, the task to educate our youth and student community seems to be neglected a bit. Though Lastbenchers may lag behind in terms of star value but the message it encompass would really going to prosper at the end.

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