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Lastbenchers songs – the perfect blend of diverse lyrics and music

Lastbenchers movie song

Every success comes with a series of failures behind, that’s the crux of the movie called Lastbenchers. The songs of this movie simply showcase the heart and soul of Lastbenchers theme. A band of young singers, lyrists and music director (Bhupesh Sawai) seems to have interwoven some of the best tunes and chords to embark with incredible songs. Right from the full too Masti and Tapori songs in Nagpurian slangs to the emotions ones, the creators of this film have ensured to cater incredible collection to the music listeners. This is something, which can be called as the dividing line of Lastbenchers and the usual conventional Bollywood movies that churn out every Friday. And the best part is most of these songs are written in less than ten minutes, which is really an extraordinary achievement in itself. Yet, you will not sense a kind of hasty gesture or endeavor in these songs, but all of them speak about the professionalism of the lyrists (Prajakt Rebeloma and Mani Biswas).

Having discussed the first three songs in our previous post, it’s time to head to the fourth one- Tute Khawab. Its name is very much self explanatory. Tute Khawab a melodious song sung by the young and talented singer Puneet Kushwar in Lastbenchers talks about the real reflection of life. It talks about living with cynicism created by the near ones to making failures as the launch pad of achieving something big in life. So, if you are among those who dwell in with sarcasm, criticism and cynicism from your near ones including parents, relatives and neighbors, find out any place of seclusion to really enjoy the melody of this song. You will certainly find the song resembling your feelings and last but not the least motivates you to overcome the hurdles in life by achieving the lost goal in your life.

Next comes is, Back in my life. If you enjoy soothing music and emotional song trust me your search with this song simply ends. Sung by a very young and talented singer -Aniket Kadam, this song simply talks about having back the lost love. If you are among those you have loved anyone all your heart or the one who has simply missed a lot with great intensity then no other song can quest your heart unlike the way Back in my life does. Listening this song can ooze out your pain and adds fuel to the thirst of having the loved one back in your life. And you never know, it can propel you to get your lost love back in your life.

Last but not the least, the same old title song is heard in a slow and soothing way. Thanks to the melodious voice of Piyush Bansod who is competent enough to sing a couple of stanzas and the refrain portraying the same carefree lifestyle evident in any college going boys with a different touch. In a sense, you have an incredible amalgamation of music, lyrics and notes in the songs of Lastbenchers. So better enjoy the Album before you see the movie hitting the cinema.

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