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First Day Box Office Collection of Laal Rang, Nil Battey Sannata and Santa Banta Pvt LTD

Today, we have a busy Friday with slew of films hitting the theatres. These include the three movies including Laal Rang, Nil Battey Sannata and Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd. The films can be called as budget films with not much of star value apart from having minimal amount of promotion in the media except the usual poster and trailer releases. Now, let’s talk about the first film Laal Rang starring the talented actor Randeep Hooda, Akshay Oberoi, and Piaa Bajpai in it. The film has a good subject; however, it fails to have the essence of innovation, which has given mixed reviews. As Per reports, the first day box office collection for Laal Rang Tolled to around 2.5 crores.

The experts are expecting some amount of surge in the first weekend, which will depend upon the word of mouth buzz for the film. Also, the presence of Fan in the theatres would rather hamper its collection to some extent. The second film is- Nil Battey Sannata, which has been enjoying a decent buzz in the media but has failed to garner the response from the masses as it happens to be a social movie with low star cast. Though the film has got good reviews, but considering it to be a low star value, it failed to attract audience towards it. Yet the collection can be called decent considering to the fact it is a low budget film.

As per reports, the first day box office collection for Nil Battey Sannata tolls to around 1.5 crores, which can boost with the positive buzz of the film in the audience. Lastly the comedy film called Santa Banta Pvt Ltd starring Vir Das and Boman Irani too suffered a lot due to its poor promotion in the media. As per recent reports, the first day box office collection for Santa Banta Pvt Ltd tolled to 1 crores, which was expected. As the movie of Shah Rukh Khan called Fan is still in the theatres, it will show its impact on these small fishes in the ocean called Bollywood.

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