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Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

Kuch Kuch Locha HaiKuch Kuch Locha Hai Movie 2015

Actor: Ram Kapoor
Actress: Sunny Leone
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 8th May, 2015
Cast: Ram Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Farid Amiri
Director: Devang Dholakia
Producer: Mukesh Purohit


Kuch Kuch Locha hai is an upcoming Bollywood movie that is expected to be released on 8th May, 2015. This movie has been directed by Devang Dholakia and produced by Maximum Multimedia Pvt. Ld., Mukesh Purohit and K. K. Agarwal. This movie stars Ram Kapoor, Evelyn Sharma, Navdeep Chabbra and Sunny Leone in leading roles.

It is Magic Pictures & Entertainment Private Limited that is presenting this movie. The film’s associate producer is Asha Jhaveri. According to the makers, it is described as a steamy, spicy alluring comedy, where Kapoor is said to play a very rich Gujarati businessman and Leone playing that of a successful movie star. Previously, it was titled as ‘Patel Rap’. This is also termed to be the very first movie of Sunny Leone in the comedy genre.

The shooting of Kuch Kuch Locha hai started during last September. However, due to Devang Dholakia getting sick, the filming of this movie got postponed. The crew and cast had finally resumed shooting from November 12, 2014 in Malaysia. Its first schedule is said to have begun with full crew and cast with Sunny Leone coming in 2 to 3 days late for joining the team due to her busy schedule and engagements with other projects.

The fans of Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone are very much expecting the release of the movie and to see the acting talents of both the actors. The talent of Sunny Leone has already been noticed in Jism 2 and with each movie, this actor has been increasing her skills and acceptance in the industry. This is for the first time in her entire career that Sunny has been trying to do some comic role with Kuch Kuch Locha hai. It is only time that would tell how well she is with it and if she can do better than her seductress role in her past ventures.

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