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KRK praises Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal for dating Katrina Kaif irrespective of Salman Khan’s fear

Image Source: The Indian Express

The ongoing controversy between Salman Khan and KRK has taken a very ugly turn. KRK is not leaving a single chance to defame Salman Khan.

The self-proclaimed critic has been taking indirect digs at Salman and against all the people he is close with. As we all know Salman Khan still has a soft corner for Katrina Kaif after their split.

Recently he also dragged Katrina Kaif into the matter and also praised Ranbir Kapoor (Katrina’s Ex ) and Vicky Kaushal (her rumored boyfriend) for dating Katrina despite fear of Bhaijaan.

KRK tweeted a picture of Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal and wrote, “Aap Dono Launde Nidar Aur Bahadur Ho! Bilkul Sahi Kiya Aap Dono Ne. My salute to both of you.”

KRK’s tweet currently has 1.2K likes and 117 comments. Netizens were divided over Kamaal’s tweet. Some of them praised him while others slammed him for his immature behavior.

A user commented, “#KRK you need 14 rabies injection ….not on your tummy…..on your bumb…… Bc…#KrkKutta”

Another wrote, “Ranbir Kapoor career finished due to he dated Salman’s girlfriend Katrina n now same mistake Vicky is making! Hope he will be finish soon, otherwise he would comeback, and this krk pakka pitega is baar, is baar ye bhai k emotions se khel gya…”

“salmon bhai be like: marna hai kya b*dk daar nahi lagta,” commented a user.


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