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Krishna Chali London

Krishna Chali London

Krishna Chali London TV Show :

Star-Cast: Megha Chakraborty, Gaurav Sareen, Pawan Mahendroo, Piew Jana, and Sunny Sachdeva

Studio – Parin Multimedia

TV Channel : Star Plus

Days : Mon-Sat

Timing : Prime Time

Release Date – Coming Soon

Synopsis: The popular TV Channel called the Star Plus is all set to launch a new TV show known as ‘Krishna Chali London’ which is all set to hit the month of June 2018 .The show has an interesting star cast, which include Megha Chakraborty as Krishna, and Gaurav Sareen as Radhe Lal Shukla in the lead role while others in the supporting roles include people like Pawan Mahendroo, Sunny Sachdeva, Piew Jana, Madhuri Sanjeev, Bhagwan Tiwari, Sushmita Mukherjee, Neeraj Sood, and Abhinanadan Jindal. The show is produced by produced by Saurabh Tewari under their own banner called Parin Multimedia . The TV show will soon going to replace Naamkarann by Mahesh Bhatt over the said TV channel, which has started way back in September 2016.

Now talking about the plot of the show, it deals with the story of a Kanpur based boy called Radhe who happens to have a romantic at heart and seems to be in search of his love. Instead of being career oriented like any other young boys of his age, Radhe is seen to have a dream, of getting married since his childhood. However, when you look at this profile, he (Radhe) happens to be a 9th fail and has known with no other ambition or having the career goals and he is known to have gone to any extent to fulfill his desire to get married to his dream girl. and keep her happy. He feels that he has everything in his life which include a decent life, a good family and nice friends and now he just needs one thing – his Mrs. Right. So what goes next would be interesting to catch, whether he will get his Mrs. Right or not only time will tell, while you stay tuned with us to know more about this show and others only with this. Stay tuned and comment for the same.

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