Koushik Sengupta is a successful businessman by profession & a Humanitarian and Photographer by heart

Koushik Sengupta
Koushik Sengupta

Kolkata based Entrepreneur has helped generously during tough time of COVID-19

Koushik Sengupta is an energetic young entrepreneur from West Bengal. With Masters in Business Administration and entrepreneurial skills he handles his business of motor spare parts quite efficiently. But this is not all a multitasker in true sense Koushik is able to manage his profession and passion with equal importance and ease, and his passion is photography.
Hailing from City of Joy, he had an interest in taking pictures since his college days. But it was a trip to Dubai where he realized that photography is not just his hobby it’s his passion. Fascinated by the beauty of hi-tech city he clicked in numerous pictures and uploaded a few on his social media handle, soon he was flooded with compliments. That is when he realized his hidden talent and took it seriously. His recent companion in following his heart is his Sony Alpha A7R3 camera, with this cool gadget he captures the beauty of his city as well as other beautiful places he visits. He has a distinct eye and imagination through which he is able to make the simplest things look beautiful and picturesque. Koushik Sengupta’s Talent has brought him huge fan following on Instagram where he has more than 70k followers who love every bit of his art.

But this is not all about this Young entrepreneur. Koushik is a humanitarian by heart, he believes inequality of gender and social existence. He works wholeheartedly for the rights of women. In his own words “We don’t need to empower them, they are already able, all we need is to do as a progressive society is to stop hindering their progress. Women are self- sufficient to achieve what they want, we need to create a support system that helps them to grow.”

Koushik Sengupta is associated with many NGOs which work in the field of women empowerment, one of them is Mother’s Lap, wherein he spearheads the bi-annual fundraising event to arrange the provision of food and clothing for underprivileged women and girls. Not only this he actively raises voice on various social media platforms for the immediate reinstatement of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic techniques Act to save girls. He signed a e-petition demanding an end to selective abortions. He also generously donates to UNICEF for the welfare of victims of social abuse.

In the times where the world including India is fighting its toughest battle against COVID-19 Koushik Sengupta has donated generously in PM Cares Fund and West Bengal Emergency Relief Fund. He says “This is the time we all must unite and do whatever possible in our best ability not only to help each-other but to help humanity as a whole.” The huge impact of the disease has moved him internally “It has given all of us a deeper sense of realization and appreciation for nature, which until now we took for granted.” The lockdown has given him an opportunity and time to introspect and reflect on the purpose of his life and vision.

On Instagram also Koushik does frequent giveaways to support and budding talents from the different stream and interest areas. He is truly an inspiration for many in true sense

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