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Kota Factory Review: The New TVF Web Series

Kota Factory Review
Kota Factory Review


Kota Factory is an amazing set of answers for all those looking for the most common problems of their life. The best part about the series is that it’s less about the problems faced but, more about the answers or solutions to the problems.

Being an IITian is something which relates to enough pride and honor, especially in India. In fact, every parent in India dreams of making their kid crack the IIT entrance exams and famous saying around ke “uske baad to life set hai”. Even though, all of us have the exact idea as to how set the lives of IIT Engineers actually are, Kota Factory brings out the insight view about the life of the students during the struggle tenure of trying to crack the IIT.

Getting into the story of Kota factory, Vaibhav is one of the students who during their XI or XII standard studies come to Kota (the coaching hub of the country), every year for cracking the IIT-JEE exams.

Vaibhav fails to confirm his entry into the best coaching institute Maheshwari despite of his  90% marks in the 10th standard which forces his father to get him admitted to a less prestigious institute named Prodigy. As Vaibhav is late, he gets admission in the A 10 batch which actually is a least priority batch for mentors. However, he holds a chance to jump in the upper batch cracking the upcoming reshuffling tests.

Rather than focusing on the questions like-Will Vaibhav be able to pass the reshuffling tests? Will he get the right environment and coaching in Prodigy? Will he crack the IIT?, Kota Factory talks about the life the students lead in Kota. Without creating a judgmental framework on the education system, it focuses on the personal and educational challenges being faced by the students coming in and how they overcome them along with the importance of good friends and teachers.

Emphasizing more on the solutions part simply touches the hearts and catches even more attention as the show goes on in a pretty less dramatic route for narrating the story making it extremely relatable to watch.

Black and white template of the web series is another major stroke along with the music and emotions fulfilling the series as some of the most important factors driving the TVF web series taking the team to the next level with Kota Factory. Kota Factory delivers a pretty strong on the performance perspective bringing out the perfect jobs done by the actors.

At last, Kota Factory is a pretty close to the reality show to be enjoyed!

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