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Kochadiiyaan Hits a milestone in the history of Indian cinema with Rs. 42 Cr Worldwide

Kochadiiyaan collection

Hitting up Rs 42 Crore in the initially phase of the movie is just like a dream of each and every film stars, directors and producers for which they used to do expensive promotions, advertisement etc but in the end its just like having handful of masses as business but if we talk about the movie “Kochadiiyaan” then the above sentences are really like a joke!! Though hitting up Rs 42 Crore seems like impossible dream but this impossible dream is well accomplished by the “Kochadiiyaan”.

Despite by the fact that the movie is an animated photo realistic film it has hit the box office with the historical records with a massive mass of Rs 42 Crore Worldwide just because of the loving fans of a Legendary Actor the Rajnikanth .

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