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Do You Know Why Ranbir Kapoor chose acting as his career?

why Ranbir-Kapoor is furious

Ranbir Kapoor was recently in Dubai where he attended the Global Teacher prize gala for which he was India’s representative. Mahira Khan too was a part of the event and the two actors were seen interacting with each other.  Ranbir introduced two video messages at the event from England’s Prince Harry and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

 He also gave a speech himself which was a hit amongst the audience present. According to a leading daily, he stated how acting and teaching are close cousins. He said, “As an actor, I’ve often thought of how acting and teaching are close cousins. Both require limitless reserves of energy and enthusiasm. Both require humour, empathy, a gift for expressing ideas and holding the attention of an audience. And, both are jobs that come with homework in the after-hours.”

On why he chose acting as his profession, Ranbir said, “People think that I am an actor because my parents are actors. But, in truth, the only reason I wanted to become an actor was to get away from studies. I even took one-line roles, small parts in the background in theatre productions, so that I could bunk classes.” He also spoke candidly about the two teachers in his life – Mr. Khanna who is his second-grade Hindi teacher and his Saawariya director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Ranbir revealed, “Bhansali sir beat the craft out of me. He also taught me everything I know about films today. My experience of the best teachers is that they can detect potential – even when a student, and in my case, an actor, with the many glittering distractions of youth, is doing their best to waste or ignore their talents.

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