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Know how Sonam Kapoor’s husband reacts to her on wearing ‘Choodah’.

Actress Sonam Kapoor uncovered that post her wedding with Anand, she was wearing choodas which left her better half clueless regarding the custom he had no clue about. Anand responded by saying, “What are you wearing”. Sonam then informed him regarding the custom, after which, Anand requesting her to evacuate it, as they were not running with Sonam’s outfits.

All things considered, Sonam ki shaadi adventure didn’t finish there, the performer shared another occurrence from the wedding which was about the joote chupane ki rasam. She uncovered that when she and her companion, Swara Bhaskar intended to conceal Anand’s shoes, Anand played intelligently and tricked Swara into taking his sibling’s shoes. Be that as it may, Swara managed to get cash from Anand as a piece of shagun, reports bollywoodShadis.com.

Earlier in an interview with vogue, Sonam discussed her romantic tale with Anand, she had jested, “He makes garments—and I wear them!” She further included, “He comes from a business background, so that’s alien to me. I’m the third generation in a film family. So there’s a lot to talk about, a lot to discover about each other, but we have a lot of similarities.” Sonam also shared the qualities of her husband, and said, “He’s non-judgemental—with everybody. Very open-minded and progressive. I’m a little conservative and close-minded about a few things, and he’s taught me to see the other side, to look at things with a lot more compassion and care, to be a little more pragmatic and practical, as I can be very emotional and quick to judge sometimes, which is not nice”

Sonam additionally discussed life in the wake of a wedding and how it had changed, and expressed, “It’s a similar thing. Life doesn’t change a lot after marriage. It doesn’t change for a man. Anyway, for what reason would it be a good idea for it to be diverse for a lady where work is concerned?”

In cooperation with Filmfare, Anand additionally uncovered the mystery of how they are dealing with their long-remove marriage. He was cited as saying, “With regards to marriage, little things matter a great deal. We eat dinners together, regardless of whether we are in various time zones, on Skype. We additionally effectively ensure that we don’t go more than about fourteen days without seeing one another.”

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