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Know Everything about Amit Lodha, an inspiration to Khakee: The Bihar Chapter and the officer accused of corruption

Amit Lodha, an IPS officer who inspired Karan Tacker’s latest series ‘Khakee: The Bihar Chapter,’ has fallen into grave trouble and been suspended for quite some time due to the charges of corruption against him. This occurred when a complaint was registered against the cop on December 7 for signing a commercial agreement with Netflix despite being on government duty. This comes as shocking news to fans who are loving the series. 

Well, many audiences might not know about real-life Amit Lodha, the character whom Karan Tacker plays on screen. Today, we are gonna tell you a lot about him.

Amit Lodha had a deep respect for police cops since his childhood

The IPS officer, who hails from Rajasthan, always adulated uniformed men (police), and his maternal grandfather was an IAS officer. However, due to his introverted nature, he thought that being a police officer and wearing a Khakee was not his thing.

He achieved success in IIT entrance in his first appearance

This man was a person with clear and definite goals in academics. He passed the ITT entrance test in just his first appearance. But, wait! That doesn’t mean things were easy for him. He went through the worst experiences and even dealt with depression. In a conversation with Better India, he stated, “I failed at almost everything. I fell into depression and often had suicidal thoughts. I felt like the most unlucky person in the world. While my grades were the poorest, I lacked personal connections. My friends were touched by my good-hearted nature, but even they distanced themselves from me due to my quiet nature, which was abnormal for them. I was never invited to parties, and I was never anyone’s first choice to share a room. I never belonged there.”

After IIT victory, UPSC was the next step for Amit Lodha

Amit Lodha learnt from his bad experience at IIT, and when he attended the UPSC exam, his luck shone there as well. In 1989, he was honoured with the position of IPS officer. With his clean-hearted nature, he formed many good connections and won the hearts of people there. At the age of 25, he became the SP of Nalanda and then the SSP of Muzaffarpur.

His work period in Rajasthan & his loss of progress

Amit was later transferred to Bihar. However, the man has already built an unbreakable bond with people from Rajasthan. He asked them to never hesitate and connect with him via his landline in times of need. The officer was also keen to receive a promotion, but the government changed and he was allotted a job where there were no guards, bungalows, or payouts. This often made him feel frustrated.

How Amit lodha went on to become a national icon?

While he was on his Bihar duty, he caught one of the dangerous criminals, Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura. He took around 3-months and finally got a hold of the deadly gangster.

From being an author of best-selling books to winning awards

The first book by Amit Lodha, Bihar Diaries (2018), documented his killer encounter with a gangster. It garnered a lot of popularity, and Netflix adapted it for a web series. His other hit book is Life in the Uniform (2021), which depicts his journey to UPSC.

While on duty in Bihar, he won several awards, like the President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service, an internal security medal, and a medal for gallantry.

Have a look at his journey in short:

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