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Kiran Kumar gets rid of corona virus, actor thanked to doctors, friends and family

Kiran Kumar, a senior actor in Hindi films and TV, is now free from the deadly incurable disease Corona virus. The third time corona test report by Kiran Kumar, who put himself in isolation after suffering from corona virus, has finally turned negative. However, Kiran’s family is still strict about isolation and is still following all the precautions taken during the illness.

Speaking on behalf of Kiran Kumar’s family, his spokesperson Pritam Sharma has said that after a long battle with Corona, Kiran Kumar has finally won and now he is free from the disease. He did not face any problem other than being bored due to being isolated during the treatment of this disease.

During this time, he was engaged in finding small happiness in life. To spend his days, he did a lot of meditation, watched OTT content, read books and in all these he forgot that he had a disease too. About a week ago, when Kiran Kumar went to the hospital for his routine checkup, he had to undergo a corona test as per the government guidelines.

 Kiran Kumar went to the hospital with his daughter and was laughing and joking during the test. When the report of this test came, he turned out to be Corona positive. Then suddenly there was silence in the atmosphere. Although he was confident that everything would be fine soon. On his way home, his house turned into an isolation center and everything was very well organized.

After recovering, Kiran Kumar has thanked all the doctors including Lilavati Hospital. At the same time, he has also expressed great gratitude to his close friends and family members as he continued to stand with him even in times of crisis. Lets us tell you that Kiran Kumar is a well-known actor of TV and films. He is known for his excellent work in many films like ‘Tezaab’ and ‘Khuda Gawaah etc.

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