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Kill Dil Music Review in Short

Kill/Dil’ though the title sounds somewhat stunning but think about the music composition and tracks which are released till date, did they really impressed you? I guess the answer for this silly question might be similar to diplomatic isn’t? As the track starting from ‘Kill Dil – Kill Dil, Happy Budday, Sajde, Bol Beliya, till Sweeta all of these tracks were good but couldn’t make it to that level. Let’s talk about some of these track which have created somewhat attraction to the listeners, firstly the title song “Kill-Dil – Kill Dil” catching out some of the highlights of this track then, despite the other track were released but still the initial track actually impressed the audience and the listeners, which in the end created an un explainable myth that the upcoming tracks of ‘Kill-Dil’ can really impress the audience but, as soon as the very next track ‘Happy Budday’ released the entire scenario was changed, in addition to this the poor response also affected the number of likes and share of YouTube, social media n all.

Of course we cannot simply neglect the efforts given by the casting roles, music directors and composers but, still if we talk about the tracks overall then, one thing is clear for sure that the music couldn’t touched that level of entertainment. For the music review we would give the Kill/Dil 2.5 Stars.

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