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Kill Dil Movie Review

kill dil reviews

This Friday, Yash Raj Films is lucky to have a solo release since no other movies are releasing this week. Kil Dil is a multi starrer with the actors in lead roles includes Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda. In fact, Kill Dil could be a great comeback for the No.1 Franchise of David Davan Hero of the late nineties. Apart from the comeback of Govinda, you can also find another ace actor making his comeback, which is none other than Kadar Khan. The movie is directed by the talented director – Shaad Ali, while is produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of none other than the Yash Raj Films. The music comes by the trio – Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, while the cinematography is carried out by Aveek Mukhopadhyay.

Well, let’s check the plot or the story line of the movie Kill Dil. The story has two killers called Tutu played by Ali Zafar and Dev played by Ranveer Singh. The duo is sharp shooters and is being brought up the man fondly called as Bhaiyaji played by Govinda. Bhaiyaji is the man who has nurtured to two kids and trained them as professional killers. The character of Govinda finds the two kids young and vulnerable and thus decides to give them shelter; however, he trains them to kill people. Amidst their profession of killing people for their mentor and guardian Bhaiyaji, Dev falls in love with the exuberant girl called Disha played by Parineeti Chopra, however, once the mentor learns about this love story, he simply do not accept this relationship between the two. In this way, the movie has love, romance, action, violence, deception, defiance, etc, which any masala Bollywood movie is seen having it. It would be interesting to see how these masala elements is going to spice up the audience and whether it fails to impress people or not can be worthy to check once it finally hits the theatres.

Now, let’s check the performance, as far as the script is concerned, the movie starts with a slow pace, however, with passing time, it turns gripping wherein you can find loads of action, love and romance along with defiance and deception. Shaad Ali is successful in blending these elements sagaciously and embarked with a worthy movie to watch, which gives less loo breaks to leave the movie and enjoy it till the last. The climax is interesting to catch and compensates the best for the audience giving them higher ROI for the money coming out from their wallets. Now talking about the individual performances, let’s start with Govinda who plays the central character of the movie.

With Kill Dil, you see the great comeback of the veteran B Town actor – Govinda. He is seen playing the negative character the first time in any Bollywood movie. He seemed a smart killing contractor, who has been incredible in the avatar of a negative character, indeed his performance has simply overshadowed over the others giving some of his best performances for the movie. Then comes Ranveer Singh playing the character Dev, who is again a bad guy falling in love unlike what we saw in Gunday. However, the two movies are poles apart and you would find the avatar of Ranveer far better than Kill Dil. It seems that the grey characters suit the actor be it Gunday, Lootera or Kill Dil. The man wielding rifles and throwing some hardcore kicks and punches seems to be presenting loads in Kill Dil rather than his usual self. Similar is the story of Ali Zafar, who seemed to be a romantic and comic hero in most of the Bollywood movies and back in his home country, but in Kill Dil is no more sophistication but seen in a rogue role and was successful in playing the character with utter vigour and professionalism. His experiment for a image makeover seems to be working for this stylish actor-singer- Ali.

Last but not the least; if you talk about Parineeti Chopra, she has come a long way from a girl next door look to the new bubbly cute girl image. She has shown some of her killer tu humkas along with her raunchy moves, while her one liner – ‘Khul Ke Tado’ has already garnered a good buzz in the social media, thanks to the trailer of Kill Dil, which carried this monologue. And above all, once again you would notice the onscreen chemistry of Ranveer and Parineeti, which seemed incomplete in the previous movie – Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. Her performance in the role of Disha has proved that she is now a grown up actress who is seen taking the driver’s seat in this movie. While Kadar Khan also had his comeback with Kill Dil was also seen cool in the character of Ram Chopra.

The other elements including music, cinematography and editing also went in a right direction making the movie from better to best. Once again the trio- Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has added the magic in the movie with sheer corrigibility. The songs especially the one called “Sweeta” by Adnan Sami is seen at the top of the chartbusters, while the others like the title one by Sonu Nigam too remained killing for the listeners. Indeed the lyrics from Gulzar added the right blend, which made the music go on the top for the movie.

Kill Dil Review Final Word

The fever of the multi starrer movie Kill Dil seems to be unprecedented ever since its trailer has hit the theatres. It has made clear and vivid among the minds of audience that the movie has a strong and interesting plot along with action, love, romance and other elements, which make any Bollywood movie a hit over the Box Office. The great comeback of Govinda in negative avatar along with Ranveer and Ali Zafar too in the characters of bad buddies would work in the favor of the movie. Shaad Ali has added all the elements, which makes the movie interesting to catch with.


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