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Kiku Sharda open ups about his early days of career, here’s what he said!

Kiku Sharda is one of the famous personalities in the industry. In an conversation with Pinkvilla he opened up about his early days and the things he had to battle.

He said the bad phrase did affect him “But tomorrow if my work is not loved by people or something that I do is not liked by people, then I feel that I am doing my best. Why isn’t one enjoying it? I am giving my hundred percent. So if there is any feedback like that, then I feel hurt,” said the actor.

Kiku Sharda shares an example to explain his point. “It happened years back. We were doing one show called Aaj Ke Shrimaan Shrimati. It featured me, Dilip Joshi, and Shruti Ulfat. We were doing that show, and for some reason suddenly one day we were told not to come for tomorrow’s shoot, and I was like why? Me and Dilip Joshi were replaced in the show overnight. We were told ‘We are trying something new, it’s not working and lets…’ So I was like, what I am doing is not good enough? What happened, and I felt really low. I called up Dilip Bhai, and he being much more senior and experienced than me, he said these things, you know how channels think, how people think….”

He further explains, “I was like, doesn’t the audience love me? So he explained to me that this is not about the audience. In channels and production houses they have a few calls which tend to go up and down. I couldn’t understand what was happening, but we were replaced for three months, and (they came back saying), ‘We tried a new thing, but it didn’t work. Sorry sorry sorry, come back.’ So I called Dilip Bhai immediately and said, ‘Dilip bhai we are back. So those kinds of phases have happened. When I have to question my talent na, then I feel bad.”

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