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Kiku Sharda Apologise to Gurmeet Ram Rahim: Court Released Comedian

Jeetu Likhar



Kiku Sharda arrested

Heeling of controversy which was catching fire since few days finally turn into a silent pause by the culprit, you’re right we are depicting about the two fellows who were rolling one on one for a single mistake by the well know stand-up comedian Kiku Sharda to one of the popular saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Well said ‘If we have committed a mistake unknowingly and we apologize for the same then one will surely forgive us” and guess what the sizzling controversy has taken a pause with reference to this beautiful statement itself. Check this out what actually happened with the fire here..

Well it was initiated on 27th December 2016 when Kiku often called as ‘Palak’ performed in the renowned show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and hence he himself stroked a trouble after rolling with a mimicked in the Dera Sacha Sauda in the episode of the show. Soon after this he was grabbed by the cops under custody for 14days but he himself furnish an apology saying that it was not his intention to hurt the sentiments of anyone. With reference to this the court finally releases him with a bail. In addition to this Rahimji tweeted a tweet on twitter as

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