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Ki and Ka Movie Review

Different Story of the film adds freshness it making it quirky comedy to enjoy 

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This Friday we have a solo release unlike the previous ones, however, this time there is no Hollywood flick to bother the one hitting the theatres called Ki and Ka. The film is directed by one of the talented directors of B Town called R Balki, while it is produced by the director and some of his friends under the banner of Eros International. Again, R Balki has embarked with its story while the music is composed by Mithoon and Meet Bros Anjjan. The film has Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles apart from Swaroop Sampat and Rajit Kapoor in the supporting. Besides, you can even find Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan in the supporting roles. Well, time to check the review of the film as under:


The R Balki film has a young couple in the form of Kia and Kabir played by Kareena and Arjun respectively. Their jobs are contradictory, as the male remains at the home working like a housewife (Arjun), while the female goes out to work she hold high position in a big company (Kareena). So you have a couple who is challenging the marriage as set by Indian culture since ages, with the male in the family does all the household chores, right from cooking, washing clothes, managing the home the best, while women goes out to work, earns and gives the money to the male counterpart to run the home.


It is certainly a creative and different kind of script, which simply challenges the stereotypical gender characters to create a life, which suits the best to their unique requirements. The script presents such a confident young people of the contemporary world who are certainly not hesitant to confess about the things that pleases them. The content of the film has a couple at the center who is young, educated and dynamic people of current page but have managed to live together with a marriage that overrides the conventional system of family life. The film though with a humor has tried to place the two individuals in an otherwise format, but as the director claims has no message to give to the audience. Hence with innovation in the plot, the film simply wants to entertain the audience by their job swapping, which the director has smartly able to do in this film.

At times, you may find the film dragging with this idea at the center but the humor added in it can certainly make the moments entertaining. Talking about the performances, both Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have done a decent job. They have tried to understand the depth of the character nicely and tried to portray the best over the silver screen. Perhaps Arjun Kapoor has a tough job to do in this film as he is playing the character of a housewife and not househusband unlike the way Chetan Bhagat does at his home. He seems to be in a bad shape in his career with not much films coming into his favor. But this time, he seems good in his performance and tried to replicate everything, which any typical housewife would do before their husbands’ right from asking money to run the house to show do not disturb boards to the husband for being tired to have sex and so on. The others like Swaroop Sampat and Rajit Kapoor have small screen presence in which they have seemed to do good jobs.

Direction, Screenplay, Editing and Technical Stuff

R Balki is a talented filmmaker right from Cheeni Kum to Shamitabh and now to film like Ki and Ka he has tried to keep alive the innovation in his script. It may not be a typical entertainer unlike the other B Town bigwigs are seen doing but can be still called a good attempt to give fresh and different films to the B Town audience. He has tried to present the script with some innovation backed by good filmmaking skills and the lead actors have supported him in this task. The other elements of the films like music and screenplay are competitive and so is the technical element like editing. The songs are doing well at the chartbusters and so is the music of the film.

Ki and Ka Movie – Last Word

The film Ki and Ka is a purely entertaining movie hence doesn’t think about the repercussions the concept of the film will have on the families treading their path. So, if you are catching up this film, you need to catch the film simply for fun and gala time with friends and not to find any lessons in it since no one has the guts as shown by the Kabir in this film. The content of the film is good, the story is different and new that add up freshness to the typical masala movies hitting the theaters every now and then. In a sense, you can find some amount of freshness with Ki and Ka, and all the good and competitive efforts of the filmmakers, the rating the film deserves should be certainly higher.

Rating -4.0


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