Khushi Shah collects 8 lakhs from her initiative “Khushi Ke Kapde”: Trends on Twitter

The current pandemic situation has paralysed the normal functioning of society and dismantled the entire economic structure. People have lost their loved ones, belongings, jobs, houses, and many more. In these extreme times of scarcity, many institutions and individuals have stepped up to help. Many celebrities have also joined hands to do relief work. One such celebrity joining the bandwagon is the popular Gujarati actress Khushi Shah.

Recently, Khushi opened a page on social media named “Khushi Ke Kapde”. The page was solely created to work for the ones in need. The actress had put up a lot of her clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags, and many other fashionable items that she has hardly used for sale at nominal prices. More than 270 items were put on sale and most of them were sold in a very short span, amounting to a total sum of 4 lakh. This entire amount plus an individual donation from Khushi Shah of another 4 lakh was made. Thus, total revenue of 8 lakh was collected.
People celebrated her efforts by making the #kindheartedkhushishah trend at 4th rank on Twitter – India.

Several help drives would be conducted through this money. The first drive has already been conducted utilizing a total amount of 3.5 lakh. Khushi and her five friends Aarti, Rushali, Kirti, Jalpadidi, and Sheena were physically present to help the villagers of areas living near Dang and Saputara. Two hundred and fifty packets containing groceries and items of daily use have been distributed to the villagers. The packages included 5 kg wheat flour, 2 kg wheat, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg oil, spices, biscuits, raincoats, rainy sleepers, candles, matchsticks, and many others. 60 education kits were also distributed to the ashram. The actress has further mentioned that she will be conducting more such help drives with the remaining money soon.

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