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Khamoshiyan Movie Review : A Mystery In Silence Of Spooky

The last Friday of January 2015 seems to be a busy one considering the fact that is has a number of releases. One of them includes an erotic love triangle called Khamoshiyan directed Karan Darra, while produced by the Bhatt brothers (Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt) in association with the popular production company Vishvesh Films. The movie revolves around the life of a writer who enters the icy slopes of Kashmir hills and valleys in a search of a story wherein he discovers a woman having a weird and silent past giving the film this same. The lead roles in the film include Ali Fazal, Gurmeet Choudhary and Sapna Pabbi, while the music comes from Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguly. Let’s dig deep into the film to explore what’s goes inside it.

Let’s start with the plot of the film- Khamoshiyan. As said earlier, you have a writer (novelist) called Kabir, which is being played by the actor Ali Fazal, who happens to be a one book wonder. He is deeply hurt for losing his love for another man as he seemed reckless and callous towards his career and objectives of life. His promises for his love often proved hollow, which compels the lady to move one to find one. In order to get rid of this turmoil and its aftermath repercussions, he goes for an inspirational journey to find something to write for his book. Therein he encounters a gorgeous and young lady called Meera played by Sapna Pabbi who owns and manages a guesthouse with hardly guest in it, while Kabir finds this place very much errie. Meera is a married lady to the owner of this guesthouse called Jaidev played by Gurmeet Choudhary, who happens to be a wealthy businessman and owner of a paper rich, however, he lost all this to remain just the owner of this place.

Inside this person is a demon, who is also unwell and bed ridden, he compels Meera to run this business of guesthouse. Kabir while living inside the hotel ambushes certain unusual stuff and finds out some secret regarding Meera and her house. Meera seems to be very much evasive regarding these suspicious incidents, which seems to be taking place around and later realizes that these things would soon ruin her. Soon Kabir is seen interacting with Meera and seen getting drawn to her. He starts getting confused whether such incidents, which are taking places, are real or mere hypothesis, which he alone is feeling out of his imaginations. In order to find out the reality and get rid of this confusion, Kabir is tries to raise the curtain behind these mysteries, right from the woman and other stuff, which are worthy to catch.

Let’s talk of performances starting with Ali Fazal in the role of a writer – Kabir. He has come a long way, right from playing the role of Joy Lobo in Rajkumar Hirani’s film 3 Idiots with a cameo to Fukrey, Bobby Jasoos, Sonali Cable, etc. With every single role he did, he seemed in the transit phase of evolving in his acting performances. Perhaps, with Khamoshiyan, he seemed to be maturing up, his role in this erotic thriller drama seems par and up to the mark, yet it has rooms for improvement. Still, one can give good score for his acting performance, while others like the TV heartthrob Gurmeet Choudhary in his negative role too was okay and considering his debut movie, he seemed to be better, who will improve with the passing time. Sapna Pabbi, unlike Gurmeet is new in films as its her debut movie, however, she tried her best to portray the character of Meera very well with her sensual sequences over the bed with both Ali and Gurmeet.

As far as the script is concerned, the movie is a bit slow in the early stage, giving the audience too many loo breaks, however, as time passes by, you get chance to stick with the movie. However, the story and screenplay isn’t too new and novel, which you realise while catching up the film since such scripts was dealt early with different modes by the Bhatts under scary and furious stories. Yet the direction and other aspects of the film sound okay. The locations were incredible based on Cape Town in South Africa and in Kashmir in the second stage. Editing, screenplay, music and other aspects are okay though not par. The music and tracks have got positive response by the audience, while some of the songs are very much sensual soaring the temperature of the movie.

Khamoshiyan Review Last word

Unlike the other movies of Bhatts, this film too has its own share of a racy script, having a couple of skin shows in it. As claimed by the producers, the movie would remind us old Madhubala starrer film called Mahal, but it seems to fail on it. Though was able to pass on the fear psychosis to certain extent, but cannot be still compared to Mahal. The movie seems the same usual storyline with skin shows and nothing really impressive, which can attract good amount of audience to the theatres.


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