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Keeping Calm and Polite Mohnish Behl Reacted on Tweetizens

Mohnish Behl

Have you ever seen those people for whom the life is nothing but a play ground wherein the battle is always won by those people only, either they won the hearts of other people by doing something really peaceful for them or just throwing some hilarious jokes on them, and guess who’s the one who’s rolling with the same? Yes, you are right as the title depicts he’s none other than a renowned star of Bollywood i.e. Mohnish Behl who have been executed some mega blockbuster movie all over the B town like Rajshri Productions ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ and ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

But do you think that the fans have easily forgotten him and his loving performance since long? If so then it’s time to face the reality, it’s not the one who’s missing him but this time to make him impress like anything before the fans have a look on the tweets which the fans have made, As per the sources here what the tweetizens added..

The-Lying-Lama @KyaUkhaadLega:

“Normal People : Aur bhai kya haal hai#MohnishBehl : Aur chhote bhai kya haal hai”

Enginɘɘroʜolic @EngineeRoholic:

“Girl: I love youMohnish Behl: What? U just broke my heartGirl: but I just said I love you Mohnish Behl: wahi to, Bhai kyu nahi boli mujhe.”

Sand-d Singh @Sand_In_Deed

“Bajrangi Bhaijaan was earlier titled as Bajrangi Mohnish Behl Jaan.” – As per the sources

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