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Katti Batti – Some Mistakes that are hard to Digest in the film

Katti Batti mistakes

Katti Batti was one of the hyped films of 2015, which embarked with lots of expectations. However, with poor content and confusing script the film seemed to have gone down flat on the ground. And as we dig in deep, we found a couple mistakes committed by filmmaker in the film. Some of these are simply hard to digest, how about checking them as under:

Imran in Jacket Avatar Looks Weird in sizzling Summers

As you find the story is based in Bombay so you very well understand the weather conditions of this city. Kangana is often seen in hot and sizzling attires, while Imran Khan was seen moving around with jacket in the hot and humid atmosphere of Bombay. Even the friends of Kangana Ranaut too are seen with summer dresses but for Imran, he seemed heedless caring the least about the weather, which seems really too difficult to digest.

Kangana Giving Confused Message to the Audience

In the film, you find Kangana seen leaving Imran from Bombay without leaving any clue about her whereabouts. Though Imran Khan leaves no stone unturned to find about her whereabouts yet he turns unsuccessful about his missing love. He even reaches New Delhi the overcrowded city and fails to find her till he finds her in a bridal dress. This is really confusing as how Imran found her and what made Kangana know that her boyfriend will visit Delhi and even find her, that’s seem very much perplexing for the audience.

No Bags for their Fun Trip to Goa

Imran and Kangana is supposed to go for a fun trip at Goa, however, they are seen fighting and leaving the airport. It is interesting to see how Imran and Kangana having no bags or luggage for the holiday. It seems that they were knowing the trip was all hoax and has nothing much to do visiting Goa. Imran is seen rushing out to a taxi without having any bag, is really confusing and annoying for one and all.

Kangana’s Father a Doctor still doesn’t treat her dear daughter

As Payal leaves Maddy in an ailing condition giving up her 5 year old live in relationship to return to Delhi to her father who is a doctor, it is really unnerving to see how her dad who is himself a doctor fails to treat her. It was Imran only who comes all the way to her and takes care of her after requesting and pleading her a lot. It is really shocking to see, how a loving father who is himself is a doctor is careless about his daughter’s plight and makes her go unattended despite the doctor founds her in some ailment. This is really hard to digest and can only happen in B Town movies.

Imran Treads the Jaane Tu .. Ya Jaane Na Climax

It is really surprising to see the similar sort of climax in this movie unlike seen in the first film of Imran Khan- Jaane Tu …. Ya Jaane Na, wherein Imran rushes inside the airport to stop his sweetheart who is all set to fly abroad. However, when he is not allowed to go inside and converse, how the hell, he was able to convince his angry girlfriend to stay with him and miss the expensive flight for abroad. Now, that’s horrible and annoying to notice.

Wrapping up

Committing silly mistakes and factual errors in the films is an old phenomenon in Bollywood movies. These make them abstract and unauthentic leading the audience to believe that they still live in the world of Alice In the Wonderland. With these silly mistakes or blunders, how can a movie like Katti Batti can rise up and do an excellent business, is a worthy question to answer?

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