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Is Katrina Kaif praising Salman Khan at lot these days?

Is Katrina Kaif praising Salman Khan at lot these days

Well, the answer to this question is yes. Katrina Kaif these days is seen praising Salman Khan a lot despite separating from this angry man. However, going away from him doesn’t really mean that the two have ruined their relationship. The fact is she has maintained a good relationship with her former boy friend. As per sources, Kat has been seen applauding Khan to his best friends. Let’s check, why is she doing this?

Well, if you remember Salman is the man who is promoting Kat’s sister for her debut movie since past few weeks. In fact, his current visit to Toronto has one important agenda – to promote her sister Isabel. Kat really was touched with this gesture as Salman went out of the way to promote her debut movie Dr. Cabbie wherein he also danced and sang a couple of songs with her sister in a mini concert.

Despite being busy, Salman went out of the way to Canada simply to support and promote Kat’s sister, which is really a big deal for her. In fact, he could have done this simply on his phone rather going all the way to Toronto. Hence, Katrina these days seems to be thanking and applauding him. Salman who is often known for showcasing his good and gentle heart has not one more lady added in his list, whom he has showcased his generosity.

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