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Katrina Kaif Joins Instagram her 27th April 2017 Surprise

It was her last birthday when Katrina Kaif Joined Facebook and now we can confirm that the actress will be making her debut on Instagram. Last year, she told the media, “As of now, I haven’t planned to be on Instagram or Twitter. But hopefully, it will happen soon.” That moment has come! Katrina Kaif makes her debut on Instagram today. She confirms, “Yes, I am joining Instagram and my official handle will be my name @KatrinaKaif. I got it. I won’t say how that happened, but I finally got it,” she laughs.

The debut was planned, like everything else in her life. She reasons. “I wanted it all to be in a flow. So I joined Facebook and I wanted to get a hang of things. Instagram has been there for the last five years. It was something I thought of at that time and honestly, I never revisited that thought and just let it be. I do think that now, probably all the concerns that were in my head were not completely valid. Maybe they were at that time, they are not anymore now.”

Her first Instagram post will be today. She tells us, “An international team is coming down from the US and we are doing a kind of fun, candid event with them. That’s great because it is the first time the Instagram’s international team is coming to Mumbai.” We can find Katrina becoming a social media-friendly in the last couple of years. Kat says, “I am still the same person. Whether I go on social media or not has no relevance to the fact that the world and life around us has changed from what it was just a few years back.

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